Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Screen Door

Good morning everyone. I am posting this in the middle of the night or early morning depends on how you look at it. Just can not sleep. Ah isn't age and menopause wonderful!! I am featuring one of the screen door cards I made with the template that Sharon has at Buffalo Stamp. I used Flourish stamps for the outside and a Stampavie image for the inside of the card. I am still playing around with them but thought it would be fun to show one on the blog. The door is made with cardstock cut with a custom accucut die and then real screening is used between the layers. You absolutely have to use the red sticky tape or the screen just won't stick. It is also a challenge to find stamps that work on the outside and the inside of the card.

I am going to go now and start to play around with some Christmas stamps. Yes you read that correctly-Christmas stamps for classes in July. It is never too early to start on your Christmas cards. I promise I will not post those!!

Friday I am attending a lunch to celebrate my cousin's daughter graduation with a teaching degree so I am busy completing a card for her featuring a Maggie stamp which I have not used for ages. I'll post that on Friday.

Hope all is well and that I get some sleep soon! Cheers

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  1. Hi Dawn

    Could you please tell me who makes the screen door die???Thanks

    (Dale's friend)